Wednesday, August 8, 2012

One Direction - X Factor Superstars

While standing in the queue, waiting for their turn to try their luck, what lay ahead of them was completely unknown to the five members of One Direction. They were brought together rather unexpectedly by the show's judge Simon Cowell but their performances had always kept up to the expectations that were set for them. Over a short time, these young boys were a major success. Their chances of winning the show might still be a speculation for all but the fact that they are good and here to stay is a message sent loud and clear.
When it comes to their general popularity outside the show, these boys have beaten all. Their fashion sense and a rather keen love for controversies never fail to disappoint their fans who never seem to get enough of these good-looking teenagers. When it comes to fashion, these boys have learnt some very important lessons already which suits them, considering their wide fan base and the number of people, both young and grownups that already look up to them. Supporting everything from the rather funky ragged looks to the super chic look of tuxedo and slick hair, everything seems to work well for them.
But probably the best thing about One Direction is the degree of diversity they can offer. May that be in their music or their fashion sense. Everyone has something to contribute and it is the combined effect of each one's style that sets the entire feel of the band. You could easily say without one of them, One Direction would be incomplete. And it seems valid too. At times, they may seem a bit too handful but no one is actually complaining, especially the female fans. Ranging from young girls to grown up women, their charm seems to have worked its magic on all age groups.
All in all, you could say with their keen fashion sense that brings something new to even the ordinary things, their music that can set your heart racing and the good looks - One Direction is a complete package, everything you would look for.


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